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Time to take back what they stole

Dean Reynolds has endured more than his fair share of unemployment and redundancy. As a new parent, memories of his father's similar struggles bear down with oppressive weight. So when a childhood friend re-enters Dean's life with an opportunity to put all that misery behind him, he's excited to investigate the 'hows' and 'wheres' of any chance for financial stability. That's when Dean is introduced to Leonard Liverpool, a career criminal, jewel thief, and chancer. Crime and the next score is all Leonard, and his motley band of thugs, con-men, and scammers, live for. The prize is in the loot, the thrill in the risk that each well-planned job carries. Plus it's a chance to stick it to society's elite. It isn't the ideal route to riches, but Dean needs cash, fast, and Liverpool's proposal seems an easier way to climb out of his current predicament. Until that is, the raid goes violently awry, with armed robbery descending into multiple murder, with Dean purposely set up to take the fall.

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