The Candidate is an excitingly fresh, and original political thriller that follows the unsettled and emotionally battered CHRIS SUMMERS, a former soldier medically discharged from a profession he has known over his entire adult life, following his return from a troubled overseas posting.

Struggling to reintegrate to life outside the armed services, and his forced integration into a community he feels alienated from, domesticity turns him into an argumentative and disillusioned individual, constantly at odds with his wife MEGAN, who, in the absence of her husband, has forged a new life for herself as a dancer in a nightclub.

Allowing his personal experiences to influence hypocritically the motivations of his wife, Chris allows a moment of argument to escalate into an outburst of extreme and deadly violence.

In the reflective moments that ensue he embarks on a journey to get answers from the one man who should be able to provide them, CLIFFORD LOWE, the local member of parliament, a man he subsequently discovers was more wrapped up in the activities of Summer's wife than perhaps his electorate might be prepared to hear.

But Chris is deaf and blind to all that. To him it's just another example of the betrayal he feels cursed by - a betrayal that sent him thousands of miles away to fight someone elses war - only to return home to a country that doesn't want to know his story.