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When a child is abducted, the first hour for recovery is critical ........




A young family, heading home after a day out at a fairground, stop off for coffee and a rest break at motorway services. Unbeknownst to the couple, a ‘trafficker’ is stalking their every move and quickly targets their innocent daughter. When the couple later takes a forced stop in a secluded layby, the criminal seizes his chance and abducts the little girl. But the couple launches into action to rescue their child, wrecking his car, and forcing the man to take off on foot into the woods. With the young parents in pursuit, the pervert soon abandons the child to make good his escape with the help of his equally abhorrent conspirators. But the couple are far from finished with the deviant as the story, which is told in real-time, reaches its bloody and terrifying conclusion. Justice isn’t what the law might have reasonably expected but what every parent would desire.

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